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Dental Insurance to Suit all Ages and Budgets
We all want a healthy smile and good oral health but sometimes the costs can really add up. In fact, research shows that 56% of people in Ireland avoid visiting their dentist due to cost (Empathy research, 2013). But avoiding dental treatment can have a long term effect not only on our dental health but also on our general health and wellbeing.

How Dental Insurance Can Help

When you visit your dentist, DeCare Dental’s Healthy Smiles plans provide 100% cover for the cost of your exams, x-rays and cleanings and give great financial protection if you have a dental emergency or need more expensive dental treatment. So you can save money on your dental bills and protect your smile for life.

Medical Cash Plan

Cash benefits when you need medical treatment

In today’s financial climate every penny counts and with the rising cost of household bills and living costs, it can be easy to forget about your healthcare expenses. Whether you need to see a doctor, dentist or are admitted to hospital, it could all cost you money and leave you out of pocket.

Helping you budget your healthcare costs

With the APRIL Ireland Medical Cash Plan, we can help you budget for these expenses. It provides you and your family with a range of cash benefits so next time you need routine medical treatment, you know that many of your expenses will be covered.

From cash benefits when you need to see a dentist or specialist consultant, all the way through to hospital admission and hearing aids and even doctor charges - it's there to ease the financial burden of healthcare costs.

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Health Insurance in Ireland

Irish Life Health & why choose a broker?

• Consistently better prices across the plans
• Dealing with a local broker who will find the best available plan and be there when you need us.
• Plans are less complicated and easier to understand
• Trustworthy brand with excellent track records
• Regulated by the Financial Regulator
• Brokers get regular training to keep their knowledge up to date
• More comprehensive cover for less money
• Online claiming
• Member Benefits