Office Administrator Vacancy Gorey

Office Administrator Financial Services– Gorey, Co. Wexford Job Summary Southeast Financial services, provide independent financial planning including Pensions, Investments, Life assurance and Mortgages. Due to continued growth, an opportunity has arisen for a Financial Planning Administrator ideally with insurance, banking or financial services experience to join our team. As an administrator you will be a key member of the team ensuring the smooth day to day running of the business and provide first point of contact […]

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Is it ever too late to start a pension?

In the Irish Times this month there is an in depth article outlining why it is never too late to start planning your pension.  Depending on your age there are many different option and sometimes your age might determine that it is not on your mind, however it is always good to have the information at hand. So even if you have all sorts of reasons why you haven’t started saving for your retirement yet […]

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Back to school savings

Back to school savings tips Uniforms and stationary When it comes to uniforms it is possible now to shop around for better value, in the past perhaps only one supplier worked with a school and therefore you were obliged to go there even if it was more expensive.  Lately many schools encourage parents to buy a general uniform in the correct colour and sew or iron on the school crest. This can be a huge money saver as you cut out the cost of the supplier doing this work for you. A good tip is not to wait until the last minute, give yourself plenty of time and do your research, check second hand shops and community based Facebook groups. Ask friends and family if they would be willing to donate the uniform of an older child who has left school or outgrown the uniform. If you can pay to have an alterations person take down a hem, or repair a rip then do, it will work out more cost effective for you than to replace with a brand new uniform. There are many discount shops around that sell great stationary now, there is no need to go to a specific school supplies centre unless you need something specific, shops like Dealz or the Euro store have great offers. You can also buy online BOOKS Use the power of social media groups, family and friend networks and this will really save you money. You should take your time and really talk to people, reach out on Facebook, publish your child’s booklist and ask who has copies. As long as the book meets the purpose and it is not damaged then it will be fine. Encourage your child to take good care of their books and cover them together. There are many online sources that offer discounts earlier in the year that can be up to 30% at times. They also may offer free covering and delivery. It is a good idea to start to plan ahead and put a little money aside for next year’s back to school costs. Keep a note of what you spent this year, so you’ll know exactly how much you will need and factor in exam years being more expensive Saving even a small amount regularly can make a big difference. For example, saving €10 each week will add up to €560  for back to school costs next year.   You can talk to us about savings plans and all other financial matters just give us a call on 053 9420 899 or email From Zurich see sample below , ‘ the final step in giving your child the best start is lie is by taking action now, The earlier you start saving the more money you will have available to support them as they begin their own journey. Zurich […]

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Five must do before you view

Buying a house is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life and not one to enter into lightly. This five must do’s you will find helpful before you view a house.  The information was sourced from  Use Google Maps to check the house out online before you visit, it is amazing what you can see in an aerial view. It is important to check online first to see if […]

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How do I pay for college in Ireland?

My child is staring college in a few years and I am worried about the costs. How much do I need and what are my options? College costs are rising, so start saving now The cost of putting a child through college is increasing. If you have young children, you need to take action now or as soon as possible. This was very much on the minds of the parents of students during this years […]

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Ten Steps and you are there, mortgage approval

If you would like to know more about our simple ten step mortgage process, this week we would like to help you out. Firstly we will talk about how much you found out you can borrow, we will look at your current financial situation and crunch some numbers, from this step to the final one we will be here to walk you through the process. The next thing we will do is get you approval […]

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What is a mortgage?

Welcome to our first weekly blog that we hope will be helpful and informative in relation to your money matters in Gorey and the southeast of Ireland, we would like you to know that we are always available for a friendly no fuss chat. We can advice you  in a common sense impartial manner as we deal with many companies, and can get you the best deal. This week our blog centers around mortgages, and […]

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New website launch Southeast Financial Services

Our new website went live on the 4th of May 2017, we were delighted to partner with WebArt Web Design Gorey on this exciting project. Our aim in re-vamping and giving our old website a brand new look is to enable our site to be more user friendly and give our customers a seamless browsing experience.  Our layout is simple and easy to follow with each service we provide listed with easy access to reading […]

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Teaching your children about money

Teaching your children about money will help them pick up good habits for the future.  We have pulled together some helpful steps so you can show your children how to make smart money decisions:

Step 1- Keep it fun

A great way to help children get started is to have three jars with the following labels:

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Help to Buy Scheme for First Time Buyers

The help-to-buy incentive has been the focus of attention in the wake of Budget 2017 but especially since the scheme opened for applications in January but considerable confusion still surrounds the practicalities of how the relief will work.

Put simply, to avail of this scheme you must be a first-time buyer, your mortgage must be for at least 70% of the value of the property, the property cannot be valued at more than €500,000, it must be newly built – ie no second-hand homes – and buy-to-let properties are excluded, so you must live there yourself.

Purchases Before Jan 1st 2017
The rules are slightly different for houses bought or built between July 19th 2016 and Dec 31st 2016. These properties will be eligible for tax rebates on purchases up to €600,000 – but the rebate will still be limited to €20,000.

Bonus: If first time buyers also manage to take out a mortgage with cashback they could get even more cashback.

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Tax-saving opportunities

It’s time to talk about tax already I’m afraid. If you are self-employed you must calculate your tax liability and make a payment by 31st October 2016 (12th November if registered with ROS) in respect of your:
1. Final Tax Assessment for 2015;                                                    2. Preliminary Tax for 2016.
The good news…

You can reduce your 2015 Final Tax liability and your 2016 Preliminary Tax liability by making contributions to a Personal Pension plan or to a PRSA plan by 31st October 2016 (or 14th November 2016 for ROS users) and electing to backdate the tax relief to 2015.


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Who is going to fill their shoes?

Who is going to fill their shoes? Have you considered the impact the death of a key employee or business partner would have on your business? Business owners and their families throughout Ireland are facing this issue everyday. Some, however, are much better prepared than others. As a business owner, you protect your property, your vehicles and equipment. But have you considered what would happen to your business if you died prematurely and the financial […]

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